So I’m at my parent’s place for the holiday and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (and would you believe it but my autocorrect suggested everything after Macy’s) and these acts are kind of tone deaf.

Also the Black Friday ads are probably for times the size of the newspaper here in Green Bay.

The Player

Watching The Player on NBC  tonight and now I’m thinking about how to structure the game as an RPG. Obviously it would work better as a board game though, since most of the action involves one guy going up against a criminal or a gang. You could work it with the Player and the Dealer though, but then they’d basically be playing entirely different games most of the time in a story of mechanical symbiosis. Although if you could work that out, it could basically be the holy grail of disparate system design that has eluded games in a modern or near future setting for decades.


So much spam makes it through the filter and into the moderation queue.

Outdoor cat!


Board games or possibly an RPG

Post post post. Keep forgetting to post. I was thinking about an old game I’d roughed out a while back for a contest which of course I didn’t win and some new content popped into my head. Basically in the one playtest that was done, not by me, it rapidly devolved into a wargame instead, so I was thinking of adding something to deter straight fights.

It’s going to take some number crunching to make it work and I’m not even sure I want to work on Emperor Mittens again.


Blogging is something I’ve never been good about doing. The last time this site had content on it was 2011 and I just deleted all of it because it had pictures of my dead cat and that made me sad. So I’m going to try blogging again.

Here’s a quick introduction of me: 36 years old, was stopped in a suicide attempt earlier this year, barely making it through each day. I’m going to try making a blog post once a day, and who knows what they’ll be about.

Today’s post is about how I would adapt the anime adaptation of a 4koma called Castle Town Dandelion as a traditional RPG.

To begin, assume all the PCs have a super power, it’s honestly not fair/boring for someone to get left out on something like that. If I was going to do a straight adaptation then each player would just pick one of the nine kids to play, since they are already have powers picked for them. I’ll leave that as an exercise to a more hardcore fan.

Instead, we’ll set things up in Fate Accelerated. The super power is thus then an Aspect of the character, consisting of two words that describe their power…and we’re done. FAE is so easy it’s almost like cheating, but for a light game that’s how I would handle it.